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digitalmars.D.announce - SAoC Applications

Thanks to everyone who sent in a SAoC application or volunteered 
as a mentor. If you haven't yet received an acknowledgement of 
your application, you should hear from me in the next 12 hours. 
If you haven't heard from me by Saturday, contact me at 
aldacron gmail.com to check in and make sure I've received your 

We'll try to make the selection process go as quickly as 
possible. We want to match mentors with participants soon enough 
that they can get their milestones planned out before September 1.

Some of the proposed projects have corresponding mentor 
volunteers, some do not. If any of the selected applicants are in 
need of a mentor, I'll put out a call here for volunteers.

Hopefully I'll have the pleasure of announcing the three selected 
participants sooner rather than later.
Aug 15 2018