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digitalmars.D.announce - SAOC 2021 Results

SAOC 2021 ended on January 15th. Only two participants made it to 
the fourth milestone this year: Teodor Dutu (replace DRuntime 
hooks with templates) and Luís Ferreira (LLDB integration with D).

We had an unusual result with from the judges this time. Two of 
them split, and the third couldn't decide which way to go to 
break the tie. So he proposed and alternative solution.
The proposal required approval from Laeeth Ishaarc at Symmetry, 
so the decision was delayed for a bit. It came in two days ago. 
The participants have been notified, and I can now make the 

Congratulations to both Teodor and Luís! Each of them will 
receive a final $1000 payment and a free trip to DConf '22. They 
both intend to continue with their projects. For Teodor, it's 
part of his dissertation project, and Luís will work on his 
project in his free time. I look forward to meeting them both in 

There are two other recipients of DConf trips we can all meet in 
London. Roberto Romaninho (SAOC 2019), who was booked and ready 
to go before having DConf 2020 pulled out from under him, will be 
joining us, as will Robert Aron (SAOC 2020).

Thanks to Symmetry Investments for making all of this happen, the 
SAOC judges (John Colvin, Atila Neves, and Robert Schadek) for 
setting aside time to evaluate milestone reports, and to Laeeth 
Ishaarc for his generous decision to allow two diligent 
programmers a free trip to DConf.

I think this may call for raising a class or two at the *real* 
Feb 19 2022