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digitalmars.D.announce - Release candidate vibe.d 0.8.2-rc.2

reply =?UTF-8?Q?S=c3=b6nke_Ludwig?= <sludwig+d outerproduct.org> writes:
The second release candidate for 0.8.1 is out (the first one was not 
announced). 0.8.2 notably contains a HTTP forward proxy, handling 
incoming HTTP requests on custom transports and a MongoDB based session 
store. On top of that, there are many smaller improvements in the HTTP 
server, web/REST generator, JSON/BSON support and the TLS sub system.

Full change log:

0.8.2-rc.2 on code.dlang.org:

It also hopefully finally fixes the OpenSSL 1.1.x support on all 
systems. Add the following dependency + sub configuration to the package 
recipe for linking against OpenSSL 1.1.x instead of OpenSSL 1.0.x:

   dependency "vibe-d:tls" version="*"
   subConfiguration "vibe-d:tls" "openssl-1.1"

   "dependencies": {
       "vibe-d:tls": "*"
   "subConfigurations": {
       "vibe-d:tls": "openssl-1.1"

The final release is scheduled for Monday 2017/12/11.
Dec 05 2017
parent tetyys <tetyys tetyys.com> writes:
very nice to see development going strong
Dec 05 2017