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digitalmars.D.announce - PoC: Runtime Reflection in D on C++ code

reply Laeeth Isharc <laeeth kaleidic.io> writes:
It's rough and ready - no proper build and not at all 
well-tested.  But it will definitely work in time since it uses 
the fork of libcling for cppyy that's used at scale for CERN. 
cppyy generates python bindings for C++ code on the fly using the 
cling interpreter (it handles templates by doing the 
specialisation at python runtime).

I'm a bit short of time, so putting this out here in case it's 
useful for anyone - might be some months before I get to look at 
it again.




Jul 08 2019
parent Laeeth Isharc <laeeth laeeth.com> writes:


Alexandru Militaru speaks to Compiler Research Group, IRIS-HEP at 
Princeton about his work at  SymmetryInvest  using CERN's cling 
to compile and call C++ from our internal domain specific 
language, SIL.

#dlang #cling
Feb 23