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digitalmars.D.announce - Plotcli: Plotting from the command line

Plotcli is a command line application (written in D) that can 
create plots from text/csv files and from piped data, making it 
useful during data analysis. Plotcli works best in combination 
with other command line tools such as awk. Plotcli will ignore 
any lines it does not understand, so it is safe to use with files 
that contain non csv data as well. Typically I use it during 
simulations, where I simulate data, which I pipe to a file and 
then I plot it using plotcli:

plotcli < path/to/file

It will plot the data and save the plot to a file (by default 
plotcli.png). Plotcli has a command line switch similar to tail 
(-f) so that it will keep checking for new data until it is 
killed with ctrl+c.

Plotcli is meant to be adaptive and will automatically adapt the 
plot boundaries to encompass all the data.

Dec 08 2014