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digitalmars.D.announce - PixelPerfectEngine v0.9.2


New features:
* More use of D's own language features, this will be improve 
even further in the future.
* WindowMaker for PPE/Concrete enables the creation of GUI 
elements. Currently it's in its very early stages, lot of 
functions are missing or don't work correctly, but it's made well 
enough now to help to finish itself, alongside PixelPerfectEditor.
* Some levels of parallelization in the rendering that works 
similarly to 3DFX's own SLI technology, currently has too much 
artifacting thanks to threading issues. Going to fix it soon, 
even if it only has some advantage with CPU rendering (GPU 
rendering will be done either through custom shaders, or through 
some form of GPGPU method, probably DCompute to make portability 
* Started working on its own audio engine.

Coming soon:
* Various ways of soundFX/music generation (FM, sample/wavetable).
* Sprite scaling/rotation/3D effects.
* Some way to reduce redraw calls and area, for GUI mainly.
* Multiple system support, including the Raspberry Pi.
Oct 23 2017