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digitalmars.D.announce - One More DConf Online 2020 Schedule Adjustment

In the course of scheduling the video premieres on our YouTube 
channel, I learned that YouTube only offers time options on the 
hour and every quarter hour after. Since a few of the talks were 
listed on the website schedule as starting at :10, :20, or :40, 
I've had to adjust them 5-minutes back or ahead. The affected 
talks are:

Nov 21
Alexandru Militaru: from 17:20 UTC to 17:15
Mathias Lang: from 19:10 UTC to 19:15

Nov 22
Mathis Beer: from 15:20 UTC to 15:15
Ali Çehreli: from 16:40 UTC to 16:45
Stefan Koch: from 19:20 UTC to 19:15

I've got a blog post coming shortly describing how to 
participate, with all the necessary links.
Nov 20