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digitalmars.D.announce - On the D Blog --- DIP1000: Memory Safety in a Modern Systems Language

reply Mike Parker <aldacron gmail.com> writes:
Ate Eskola continues his DIP 1000 tutorial series on the blog. 
Part 1 covered slices and pointers. In Part 2, he explains how it 
all works with references.

I want to thank Ate for his patience and his time with this one. 
He sent me the first draft of this several weeks ago, and it went 
through a much longer process of editing and reviewing than 
normal because of significant delays on my end, and he ended up 
writing multiple drafts. It's an important series, though, given 
how it serves as an introduction to memory safety in D. Thanks 
for all the work, Ate!

The blog:

Oct 08 2022
parent zjh <fqbqrr 163.com> writes:
On Saturday, 8 October 2022 at 15:33:59 UTC, Mike Parker wrote:
`Good` article.
Oct 09 2022