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digitalmars.D.announce - (Oh My) Gentool 0.0.2 released

(Oh My) Gentool - Yet another C/C++ binding generator.

Comparing to previous release there is a whole load of 
improvements in nearly all aspects,
it is still in its early stage though. Much cleaner output with 
less garbage comparing to last release.

If you used previous version and it was sucks, give it a second 
try, it should suck much less now!

There is still lot of issues and quirks, some execution paths 
have hard-coded features,
such as integer-to-poiter (0 to null) replacement works in 
parameters but not in inlined code.

Some template heavy libs is not yet usable, such as FBX SDK.
And so is Bullet3, it uses too much highly C++ specific stuff and 
optimizations, need more work to make it usable.

Quick stats (library/generated lines):
   Bullet3 - 45k + 1.8k mangled names(wow)  UNUSABLE
   FBX SDK 2017 - 32.5k   UNUSABLE
   (dear) ImGui - 2.7k
   PhysX 3.3.4 - 15k (not tested, but seems valid after fixes)
   libuv - 3k
   recast/detours - 2k
   ultralight v0.9 - 2.3k

(note though most of this is not tested so these stats are just 
random numbers of possibly broken garbage. And so one can draw 
the line, anything above 15k generated locs is unusable yet.)
   Only imgui is actually tried, works after a bunch of fixes, 
templates not tested though.

How to start - 

Code https://github.com/Superbelko/ohmygentool
Nov 29 2018