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digitalmars.D.announce - Munich D Meetup - March 28ths - Clean Code Competition

reply Stefan <dl ng.rocks> writes:
we love to announce our next D Meetup in Munich. [1]

"Clean Code Competition"

Teams will compete with different programming languages for the 
cleanest code. A jury will decide, which team did its best job 
for solving the three small challenges.
Would as always love to see some of you guys there.

Current languages set:
  - D
  - Go
  - Java

PS: Everyone who is willing to practice for the DConf is invited 
to hold his/her talk in April in front of 30 people instead of 
300. :)


Mar 12 2017
parent Casey Sybrandy <sybrandy gmail.com> writes:
Will the results of this be published somewhere?  It would be 
interesting to see how the different languages compare.
Mar 13 2017