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digitalmars.D.announce - Mmrnmhrm 0.2.0 released

Mmrnmhrm 2.0 has been released, featuring DLTK integration and major new 

== Mmrnmhrm 0.2.0 (2007-09-18) ==

  * Major rewrite of Mmrnmhrm to use the DTLK framework.
  * Huge Model improvements:
   * Rich JDT-like project model, (with build path support for source 
and zip folders, local and external libraries, build path variables and 
containers, build path access rules, as well as UI boilerplate code for 
build path management and navigation)
   * Supports caching and indexing (improved performance in large projects)
   * Supports resource delta processing (no more need for manual refreshing)
   * Added support for DMD+Phobos install location and Standard Library
  * Updated the parser to latest Descent parser (now supports D 2.0)
  * Added editor folding
  * Added JDT-like Quick Outline
  * Added JDT-like Open Type Dialog
  * Selections in selective imports no longer considered definitions, 
they are now considered references. This behavior is now according to 
the spec.
  * Added special code completion context for module names in imports 
(completion shows available modules for importing).
  * Added special code completion context for name selections in 
selective imports (completion shows available names for selection).
  * Added initial semantic search:
    * Search for definitions based on a text pattern.
    * Search for all references to a given definition.
  * Added very basic builder support (using BUD 
  * Added very basic launch support (debugging not supported)

This video of DTLK Ruby 
(http://us.xored.com/~haiodo/EclipseCon07/dltk-ruby.mov) demonstrates 
features which are also available in Mmrnmhrm (except for Call 
Hierarchy, or Dee Documentation view).

See http://www.dsource.org/projects/descent/wiki/Mmrnmhrm
for more info on installation and documentation.
Hope you enjoy!

Bruno Medeiros - MSc in CS/E student
Sep 18 2007