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digitalmars.D.announce - Matrix bridge trial run

The D language code club community discord chat server is 
currently doing a trial run of bridging our Discord server to a 
Matrix chat "Space".

The spaces feature in Matrix features a lot of similarities to 
Discord servers and maps very well with a list of rooms. We have 
linked a few rooms to test out the bridging capabilities.

If you haven't joined the Discord Server because you don't want 
to use their proprietary app, you might like to use Matrix 
instead. The spaces feature is available in the Element app once 
you enable the Spaces beta in your settings.

Once you have enabled Spaces in your settings you can join the 
space and automatically its linked rooms using


alternatively if you don't want to join the whole space or have 
an incompatible client, you can also join the rooms one-by-one, 
currently this includes the following room IDs:

r.moe&via=t2bot.io) (maps to #news in Discord)
.io&via=matrix.org) (maps to #programming in Discord)
.io&via=matrix.org) (maps to #dev_urandom in Discord)
.io&via=matrix.org) (maps to #d-editors in Discord)

We are currently using [t2bot.io](https://t2bot.io/discord/) to 
bridge our Discrod channels to Matrix channels, so the service 
stability may not be influenced by us.

If the matrix bridge proves successful, we might extend it with 
all of our rooms on Discord as well once the Spaces feature goes 
out of beta.
Jul 01