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digitalmars.D.announce - Looking for C++/C# programmers in Beijing


I'm the lead programmer for Crystal Interactive. I'm under the impression 
that the D newsgroups are frequented by very competent programmers and I 
believe the chances of finding new colleagues on this group are far greater 
than using the usual job sites. So here goes:

Crystal Interactive develops a software package called InterVision. Using 
InterVision, complex industrial systems can be managed in a distributed 
manner. Engineers can log-on to an InterVision server and collectively 
create / review the design of a factory.

For our Beijing office, we are looking for a 3D application developer to 
participate in the design and implementation of future versions of our 
software. (We also have offices in Eindhoven, NL and Bucharest, RO. Do 
reply, if you're interested.)

Job Description:
* Developing 3D applications;
* Maintaining existing application code;
* Participating in the design and implementation of future versions;
* Writing documentation of source code and APIs;


* Strong OOP skills, familiar with design patterns, template programming;
* Familiar with Windows Platform SDK development;
* Experience in one or more big project on Windows;
* Experience with 3D SDKs is preferred;

If you are - ambitious, - committed, - reliable & flexible, - a people's 
person, - a skilled coordinator, - stress-resistant, you may be the right 
person for us.

E-mail: recruit crystalinter.com

(original Chinese ad at 
Mar 06 2008