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digitalmars.D.announce - LZHAM port to D is live on GitHub


Completely untested, no compression or test cases yet, no dub 
integration, and probably will fail at compilation, however if 
someone would like to help me out then it would be awesome.

  - Close to LZMA compression rates with higher decompression 
speed at the cost of compression speed
  - Backwards compatibility with deflate
  - Taking advantage of D's own parallelization (LZHAMDecompress 
uses Fiber) instead of relying on weird methods that's not 
supported by D
  - Future projects include further optimizations, making use of 
DCompute, readability improvements (original is a macro hell, 
might or might not be replaced with template mixins), safety 
improvements, possibly making it fully  nogc
Aug 07 2018