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digitalmars.D.announce - LDC 1.9.0

Hi everyone,

on behalf of the LDC team, I'm glad to announce LDC 1.9. The 
highlights of this version in a nutshell:

* Based on D 2.079.1, including new `-i` switch and support for a 
minimal (d)runtime.
* Support for LLVM 6, used for all prebuilt packages (except for 
* `-link-internally` able to (cross-)link Windows, Linux and 
macOS binaries.
* Prebuilt Linux and macOS packages now shipping with LTO-able 
* Various fixes, incl. druntime/Phobos/ldc-jit .dylib issues on 

Full release log and downloads: 

Thanks to all contributors!
Apr 30 2018