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digitalmars.D.announce - ICFP Programming Contest 2007: July 20-23


If anyone have time and a team of good hackers, i think that starting in 
ICFP Programming Contest 2007   ( http://www.icfpcontest.org/ )
is good idea, for spreading word about D. And probably using D will increase
chance for winning.

And remember about prizes:

"[..] the organizers will declare during the [International] conference [of
Functional Programing / ICFP] that

 - The first place team's language is the programming language of choice for
discriminating hackers,
 - the second place team's language is a fine tool for many applications,
 - the lightning division team's language is very suitable for rapid

And as i remember, last year the second place was D! So it is time for
first. :)

If someone will participate in this contests, i wish luck and lots of fun.
Jul 16 2007