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digitalmars.D.announce - Google Summer of Code 2019

The time has come to start thinking about GSoC 2019. The 
application deadline for mentoring organizations is on February 
6. I'd like to get a solid list of project ideas for potential 
student applications.

I've set up a new page at the Wiki to collect ideas and seeded it 
with two from the GSoC 2018 page:


I invite everyone to add ideas to the list. Please be as 
descriptive as you can in your summaries, and be explicit about 
the goals the project should achieve. We want projects that are 
both necessary and challenging.

Anyone who is interested in participating as a student or a 
mentor, please contact me (aldacron gmail.com). Be sure to visit 
the GSOC FAQ for links to details about what both roles entail:


I'll be putting out more information in the coming weeks, here 
and on the blog.
Nov 25