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digitalmars.D.announce - Few DQuick news

My friend Bruno who works on the property binding engine make some 
progress. After the possibility to use property binding in D (native 
side) in addition of Lua (script side), he currently finishing the model 
list implementation. This feature will allow user to create list of 
items for list views for example.
Bruno plans to create his own parser of Lua to simplify the script 
syntax just like Qt did with QML that is based on a javascript VM. To do 
this, he will look at the std.lexer module.

For my part it doesn't progress a lot cause I have some memory issues 
that cause me some pain to run unittests. I really want to fix those 
memory corruptions before coming back on the direct 3D implementation. I 
hope to be able to progress faster when I'd figured out how to solve it.
Jul 26 2014