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digitalmars.D.announce - Easy D 0.6.3 (Win32)

I am still undaunted from my commitment to a quarterly release schedule. =

  However, I wasn't happy leaving until the next release on 0.6.2, since =

it included some broken things and a version of Tango from SVN (not a=20
full release!).  So I patched up a few things and made a new release of=20
Easy D which should (hopefully) last until my planned date for a new=20
release of Easy D (which is 15 September 2008).

The new release basically updates Tango from a weird SVN revision=20
between 0.99.6 and 0.99.7 to the new 0.99.7, and makes note that Arclib=20
no longer works due to changes in Tango as well.  I updated DWT to the=20
latest revision, and ensured that DDBI works as well (at least SQLite=20
support, I don't test for MySQL or any of the others).

As always, available for free download from my site:


Detailed information is available on that page as well.

Happy coding!
Jul 26 2008