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digitalmars.D.announce - Doveralls: A utility for uploading coverage results to Coveralls.io

Coveralls.io[0] is a service that keeps track of code coverage 
results from continuous integration. The problem is, it relies on 
third parties for support for languages other than Ruby. Up until 
now, there has been no solution for D.

Doveralls changes that! It parses coverage info generated by dmd 
-cov (or dub test --coverage, added in PR 385[1]), and uploads it 
to Coveralls in the proper format.

The only dependencies are that you must have a command line 
version of curl installed (Coveralls expects data in a weird way 
that I couldn't figure out with std.net.curl). If you're running 
locally, you need to manually `dub fetch dlibgit`, and install 
libgit2 through your favorite package manager. Otherwise the data 
in Coveralls won't be associated with a commit, which makes the 
data pretty useless.

For an example of what doveralls uploaded data looks like, check 
out the results for quack[2], a little library I'm working on 
that is very much NOT ready for public consumption.

Please use it/tear it to shreds! Feedback and pull requests are, 
as always, welcome.

[0] https://coveralls.io/
[1] https://github.com/D-Programming-Language/dub/pull/385
[2] https://coveralls.io/r/ColdenCullen/quack
Aug 01 2014