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digitalmars.D.announce - Discord RPC D - rich presence for your games

Hello everybody,

Today I've released "Discord RPC D" - a static binding to, guess 
what, "Discord RPC". It's the successor of my previous Derelict 
one which unfortunately didn't work as expected.

# Discord, should I know this thing?

Discord is modern popular text+voice chat client (some see it as 
replacement for Teamspeak and Skype). There's also a D community 
server that has been mentioned here before[0].

# So, what's this "Rich Presence"[1] about?

Well, it's the way of integrating your game/app into Discord.

It allows to display your game/app's title and a few stats about 
a player's current session on the their status box in Discord. 
Beyond an image (you can upload multiple ones and choose which 
one to display from your game, so different levels in your game 
can feature different ones) plus an icon, Rich Presence allows to 
show timers. This all is more or less free promotion for your 
game and can be incentive for others.

Moreover, it brings to opportunity to extend multiplayer 
game-matching mechanisms - players can invite other users to 
multiplayer parties and those can join such session with just a 
click in Discord.
For more details you might want to checkout the Rich Presence 

# To my package

It's on DUB[2] and should be straight-forward to use. It's 
compatible with Discord RPC v3.3.0, as the version tag of the 
package suggests.
The Discord RPC library is open source and licensed under terms 
of the MIT license.

# Usage

Checkout the bundled "send-presence" example[3]. Please note that 
it's a D port of the original C example.

Thanks for reading :)
  - Elias

https://forum.dlang.org/post/xstmkudtcpogxhvcecid forum.dlang.org
[1] https://discordapp.com/rich-presence
[2] https://code.dlang.org/packages/discord-rpc
Sep 17 2018