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digitalmars.D.announce - Diamond (Full-stack MVC web-framework) - v2.10.0 (GDPR Patch)

Happy to announce version 2.10.0 of Diamond.

This release is primarily a GDPR Security Patch with respect for 
privacy during logging, sensitive data detection/validation etc. 
Of course as with everything else in Diamond it can be tweaked as 
much as you want, or disabled.

Since last announced release the following features has also been 

* More helper functions for various things.
* Secure file-access
* More caching
* Static views (Can be statically cached over time periods etc.)
* New metadatas for views
* GDPR Helper Functionality
* More standard imports for views
* Ability to handle "no-actions" for controllers (Useful for 
certain REST designs.)
* Database relationships
* Data-proxy for data-management with the ORM
* Host white-list

Thank you!

Github: https://github.com/DiamondMVC/Diamond/
DUB: https://code.dlang.org/packages/diamond
Website: http://diamondmvc.org/ (Powered by Diamond!)
Jun 09 2018