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digitalmars.D.announce - Dexed-ide 3.9.18

This update allows to open makefiles as language-agnostic 
projects. For example The sortcut for "Compile project" will have 
the same effect as

     make -f<makefilename> <rule>

Not very interesting for D one would say, however as this feature 
is useful for another of my project that addition gives strong 
guarantees that dexed will not be abandoned.

Otherwise the release comes with a few fixes:

- The lack of maintenance of dparse lead to use a derived Parser 
class to fix crashes that can happen with incomplete code.
- Projects groups and workspace persistence was broken
- Packagers wont have to deal with my old, unmaintained "iz" D 


- [release](https://gitlab.com/basile.b/dexed/-/releases)
- [homepage](https://gitlab.com/basile.b/dexed)
May 16 2022