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digitalmars.D.announce - Dexe-ide 3.9.12

reply Basile B <b2.temp gmx.com> writes:

- editor: a new option, _textCompletion_, sets if the completion 
menu includes the identifiers obtained by word-splitting the 

- editor: prevent completion menu to show on fast enough (< to 
the _autoDotDelay_ setting) `..`.
- Halstead metrics: show full function signatures.

- GDB commander: arguments of the _Debugee Options_ can be 
temporarily deactivated by prepending `//`.
- GDB commander: add an option allowing to set the path to the 

- GDB commander: the context menu of the ASM view allows to 

- editor, _closeCompletionCharsWithSpace_ broken by [git 

- D2 highlighter: for `Call()`, `Call` wont be considered anymore 

- GDB commander: 5 empty arguments were passed to the main 

- Symlist: errors were not visible enough since moved to the top. 

- can be build with Lazarus 2.2 but backward compatible 2.0.z.
- provided binaries are build with Lazarus 2.0.12 due to 2.2 not 
being released.


To get a release [see 
Note that the appveyor build has failed this time so no offical 
windows binaries.
Sep 25 2021
parent Imperatorn <johan_forsberg_86 hotmail.com> writes:
On Saturday, 25 September 2021 at 15:31:40 UTC, Basile B wrote:
Sep 25 2021