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digitalmars.D.announce - Descent 0.4.3 released

The Descent plugin for Eclipse provides an IDE for writing, launching 
and debugging code in D.

Explanations on how to get it from within Eclipse are here:


These is a small release, but the first feature is the one I use most in 
JDT, so...:
- Added an Open Type dialog.
- Fixed a bug relating to Descent not showing the source code when 
debugging with gdb.
- The Build Path property page is back. This was removed in a previous 
release because it mainly has unimplemented features, but it has the 
"Source Folders" page which is in did useful.

Some notes:
- To bring up the Open Type dialog press Ctrl + T in an open editor (or 
go to Navigate -> Open Type...). There you can quickly open a type 
(class, interface, enum or template) by typing a substring of it's name, 
or for example typing SE will return SelectionEvent, SmartEscape, etc. 
(the funcionality is similar to that of JDT). This only works in open D 
editors, unlike the Java's one which works everywhere. The problem is 
that if I bind that combination to "everywhere" (window, actually), then 
both of them doesn't work. In CDT this also only works in an open 
editor. (I think Eclipse is taking care of this problem)

We'll consider also listing top-level functions. However, we don't know 
what would be the most comfortable way to do it: in the same dialog or 
in another one? Also, should enums be listed? And templates?

Starting from this version, next time you want to update, you can do it 
from within Eclipse (you cannot do this now, though).
Sep 07 2007