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digitalmars.D.announce - D wrapper of PCRE 7.0 by iceeLyne

Regular Expression Module in D based on the Powerful PCRE C library by  iceeLyne

        how to build pcre.lib:
        download pcred.zip : http://icube.freezope.org/pcred/pcred.zip unpack
to \pcred\
        download the PCRE 7.0 src distribution from PCRE.ORG, unpack to
        copy the files (config.h, makefile) in the \pcred\pcre_c_src\pcre-7.0\
to the \pcre-7.0-src\src\pcre\7.0\pcre-7.0-src\
        replace the original files (pcre.h, pcre_globals.c) in the
\pcre-7.0-src\src\pcre\7.0\pcre-7.0-src\ with the files in the
\pcred\pcre_c_src\pcre-7.0\, if you need some extra functions.
        run "make LIBALL", then copy pcre.lib to the \tango\lib\ directory.    

You can find here (tested with DMD 1.024, Tango 0.994):


		scope regex1 = new RegExp(r"(Sample):(?P<num>[0-9]{1,2})");
		char[] str1 = "Now Sample:1 Ok, Sample:99 Yes. Sample:22 and Sample:48 is
		RegMatch m1 = regex1.execute(str1);
        assert( m1.group() == "Sample:1", "m1.group" );
        assert( m1.group(1) == "Sample", "m1.group(1)" );
        assert( m1.group(2) == "1", "m1.group(2)" );
		RegIter iter1 = regex1.iterate(str1, 0); //str, start, end
		//while((m = iter1.next()) !is null) {
		foreach(RegMatch m; iter1) 
		assert(iter1.next() is null);
		char[][] ch = regex1.split(str1);
		foreach(char[] c; ch) 
            Now Sample1 Ok, Sample99 Yes. Sample22 and Sample48 is important.  
		RegTemplate tmp = new RegTemplate(r"\0||\1\2||\g(0),\g<num>\0\0\0");
		m1 = regex1.execute(str1);
        assert(m1, "m1");
        assert( m1.expand(tmp) ==
"Sample:1||Sample1||Sample:1,1Sample:1Sample:1Sample:1", "expand");        
        // back reference
		// Some more complex PCRE pattern samples:
		// NOTE:
		// These patterns are NOT for general HTML parsing,
		// just some attempts to match some particular cases.
		scope regex2 = new RegExp(r"<(?P<name>\w+)>.*?</(?i:(?P=name))>");
		char[] str2 = "<br/><br/><p><pre>char[] str2 =
		RegIter iter2 = regex2.iterate(str2);
		foreach(RegMatch m; iter2) 
			//Trace.formatln("PCRE BACKREF: {}", m.group());
            <p><pre>char[] str2 = ;</pRe></p>
		scope regex3 = new
		char[] str3 = "<br/><br/><p><pre>char[] str2 =
		RegIter iter3 = regex3.iterate(str3);
		foreach(RegMatch m; iter3) 
			Trace.formatln("PCRE CONDITION: {}" , m.group());
            PCRE CONDITION: <br/>
            PCRE CONDITION: <br/>
            PCRE CONDITION: <pre>char[] str2 = ;</pRe>
            PCRE CONDITION: <div></div>

yidabu <yidabu.nospam gmail.com>
D Programming Language China:
Jan 18 2008