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digitalmars.D.announce - D bindings and high level wrapper for systemd journal

D Language bindings and high level wrapper for the systemd 
journal logging service (journalctl)


alpha status

rather than grep /var/log/messages, systemd interface makes it 
easy to filter by field and period of interest. metadata is 
stored along with regular log messages, which reduces the ability 
of bad actors to spoof logs

Link to C API here: 


systemd-journald is a system service that collects and stores 
logging data. It creates and maintains structured, indexed 
journals based on logging information that is received from a 
variety of sources:

Kernel log messages, via kmsg

Simple system log messages, via the libc syslog(3) call

Structured system log messages via the native Journal API, see 

Standard output and standard error of system services

Audit records, via the audit subsystem
The daemon will implicitly collect numerous metadata fields for 
each log messages in a secure and unfakeable way. See 
systemd.journal-fields(7) for more information about the 
collected metadata.

Log data collected by the journal is primarily text-based but can 
also include binary data where necessary. All objects stored in 
the journal can be up to 2^64-1 bytes in size.
Jan 06 2015