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digitalmars.D - D CHM (HTML Help) update (1.011)


Some time ago I released a program which would automatically create an H=
TML Help project from D's HTML help files.
The original release is here: http://www.digitalmars.com/webnews/newsgro=
I've made some improvements, and here's the next version.

Most importantly, the program now inserts anchors for Phobos DDOC keywor=
ds - thus, when looking up Phobos identifiers from the help index, the p=
age will automatically scroll down to the identifier's documentation. Th=
is could make looking up Phobos functions from IDEs much more comfortabl=

As suggested by Jussi Jumppanen, I've changed the title to "D Programmin=
g Language". The program also uses the current version of Kirk McDonald'=
s keyword index ( http://www.prowiki.org/wiki4d/wiki.cgi?LanguageSpecifi=
cation/KeywordIndex ).

I've attached the program; to make the CHM yourself, place it to dmd/htm=
l/, compile and run it. It will generate a Microsoft HTML Help Workshop =
project, along with the required files. After it's done, open the projec=
t file (d.hhp) with Microsoft's CHM compiler, and compile it.

I have also updated my pre-built version of the CHM, located here:
This one is built from 1.011's HTML help files.

-- =

Best regards,
  Vladimir                          mailto:thecybershadow gmail.com
Apr 12 2007