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reply Mike Parker <aldacron gmail.com> writes:
There's new swag in the DLang Swag Emporium, work continues on 
porting DRuntime to WebAssembly and bringing D to iOS, and we 
need help preparing for a potentially upcoming documentation 

The blog:

Feb 17
parent kinke <noone nowhere.com> writes:
 Adam Ruppe was working on contract to get LDC’s Android support 
 to the finish line. He wrapped things up a few weeks back and 
 has been paid out of the Foundation’s HR Fund.
Is there any written spec about this task? By that description, I would have expected work on the compiler or druntime/Phobos (there's obviously room for improvements, especially wrt. TLS quirks, but should be okay-ish in general). If https://github.com/adamdruppe/d_android is the result, after a quick glance it appears to consist of Android bindings and a little tool to simplify setting up an LDC installation for cross-compilation to Android (which most likely could and should be extended to support most prebuilt LDC packages, and then bundled with LDC). Our CI tests don't run on Android at all; the only test is that druntime, Phobos and LDC itself can be cross-compiled and -linked, that's it. That's IMO clearly not enough to claim readiness. The outdated Wiki page (https://wiki.dlang.org/Build_D_for_Android) hasn't been touched for over a year either. Thanks Adam anyway; it's just that I imagined something completely different when reading 'getting LDC’s Android support to the finish line'.
Feb 17