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digitalmars.D.announce - DWin 0.30 has been released, tested with DMD 1.023, Tango 0.99.3

DWin is a Tango based library for simple but useful D, Extensions to Tango, A
collection of handy Tango based codes.

Anyone is free to suggest or contribute to DWin.

DWin 0.30 has been released, tested with DMD 1.023, Tango 0.99.3 Triller.

== Current branches of the DWin include == 

* dwin.core.com : 

    ported juno.com to Tango.

* dwin.sys.win32.Registry: 

    ported juno.utils.registry to Tango. 

* dwin.sys.win32.ie : 

    wrappers of Windows Internet Exploer functions.
* dwin.sys.win32.ShellLink :

    Create shortcut on Windows.

* dwin.net.smtp.MailSender: 

    Send Email via Windows cdosys.dll.

* dwin.text.Properties: 

    Loads an ini style file. 
    tango.text.Properties does not support multi line value and section. 
    Sometimes, you can use this module instead.

* dwin.math.bigint: 

    Can use arbitrary size of input number.
* dwin.math.Scale :

    Arbitrary Scale translate. 
And Some Extensions to Tango

== Downloads ==

 * svn     : svn co http://svn.dsource.org/projects/dwin/trunk dwin

 * stable  : http://www.dsource.org/projects/dwin/changeset/85/trunk?old
path=%2F&format=zip dwin-r85.zip

== Building ==

Assume DWin at D:\d\dwin

Building a static library of DWin, Just :

''' 1 ''' Download and install DSSS from 
[http://www.dsource.org/projects/dsss DSSS]

''' 2 ''' Copy D:\d\dwin\dsss.conf to D:\d\dsss.conf

''' 3 ''' run

	dsss build dwin 

If you want to use some Phobos functions in DWin, add -version=pho to DSSS
buildflags manually.

If you want to use a few DFL functions in DWin, add -versin=DFL to DSSS
buildflags manually.

== History ==

16 Oct 2007 DWin 0.10 released.

21 Oct 2007 DWin 0.20 released.

16 Dec 2007, DWin 0.30 released.

== Forums ==

Make suggestions and ask questions in the : 

http://www.dsource.org/forums/viewforum.php?f=163 DSource Forum

http://bbs.yidabu.com/forum-10-1.html Chinese Forum

== Home ==

http://www.dsource.org/projects/dwin/ DWin

== Submissions ==

If you've got some Tango based code lying around that you think everyone could
benefit from let us know!  

== Maintainer ==

 * yidabu at g m a i l dot com

yidabu <yidabu.nospam gmail.com>
D Programming Language China:
Dec 15 2007