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digitalmars.D.announce - DSSS and Rebuild 0.67 released.

DSSS, the D Shared Software System, is a tool to ease the building, 
installation, configuration and acquisition of D software.

This is another bug-fix release for the most part. I've added a few 
features in my never-ending quest to actually close some tickets :).

Of particular interest is the new 'defaulttargets' feature, which allows 
you to specify a list of targets which are built by default. This is 
best illustrated by an example. Let's say you have a libdunzip, and it 
has an example program on using it. The example program isn't 
particularly useful, but it would be nice to allow building it in the 
dsss.conf for reference purposes. Before, there was no (easy) way to do 
this. Now, the dsss.conf file would look like this:

name = libdunzip
defaulttargets = dunzip

Here's the full changelog for 0.67 and 0.66:
0.67 from 0.66:
         - Rebuild: Fixed generation of libraries with DMD+GNU/Linux 
(see ticket
         - Rebuild: Should now compile on FreeBSD (see ticket #82).
         - Added an option (--keep-response-files for DSSS and 
-keeprfiles for
           Rebuild) to not delete response files (see ticket #62).
         - Added the dsss.conf option 'defaultTargets' (see ticket #64).
         - Added an option to DSSS to manually specify the URL to 
receive the
           source list from (see ticket #77).

0.66 from 0.65:
         - Rebuild: Fixed a bug with -listnffiles and -of conflicting (see
           ticket #66).
         - Some dsss-net-installs which failed due to the above bug should
           now work (see ticket #66).
         - Rebuild: Now (again) converts all paths to 
backslash-delimited paths
           on Windows. Apparently DMD only does this conversion 
internally in
           some scenarios (see ticket #70).
         - Rebuild: Fixed a bug with documentation generation causing a 
           in some situations (see ticket #74).
         - Rebuild: Again moved documentation into the compiler, to fix 
a bug
           causing docs to be generated without candydoc.

As per usual, more information and downloads are available at:
DSSS: http://www.dsource.org/projects/dsss/
Rebuild: http://www.dsource.org/projects/dsss/wiki/Rebuild

  - Gregor Richards

PS: DSSS Windows binaries will be up in a few minutes.
Jun 29 2007