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digitalmars.D.announce - DLang Silicon Valley First Meetup

Hi folks,

Yesterday's first DLang/Silicon Valley Meetup was really nice. We've had 
three talks (even I talked in spite of having a really hoarse voice 
following a cold) and we've made a number of important plans and 
decisions going forward.

Vic Cekvenich, the initiator of the meetup, was ousted following 
political infighting and replaced by Ali Çehreli. I'm kidding - but only 
partially! Vic is the busy CEO of http://apakau.com (btw: they're 
hiring) and he wanted someone else to take the operations of the meetup. 
Ali graciously accepted the role. Vic will continue providing venue for 
the meetups, which is no small feat - the room we were in today would 
ordinarily rent for $2000. Vic used his karma with http://sv.tie.org to 
get the room for free. (Aside from the fact it could have doubled for a 
fridge, the venue was really nice.) Many thanks to Vic and TiE!

BTW Vic is a great guy to talk to. He has that uncanny ability of 
entrepreneurs to move things forward with each sentence he utters. A 
good contrast with the Infinite Bickering(tm) that seems to be sometimes 
going on in our forums. Vic provided a few very interesting high-level 
ideas for D that we plan to bring up for review soon.

Anyhow, the long and short of it is we've started with the right foot 
with DLang/Silicon Valley. We're waiting for the president to state the 
frequency and usual meeting days and times, etc.

If you're in the area, join us! Stay tuned for more announcements.

Jan 23 2015