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digitalmars.D.announce - DIP 1040--Copying, Moving, and Forwarding--Community Review Round 1

The first round of Community Review for DIP 1040, "Copying, 
Moving, and Forwarding", is now underway. Please discuss the DIP 
(its merits, its implementation, peripheral topics, etc.) in the 
Discussion Thread and save all review feedback (critiques on the 
content of the DIP: what to change, how to improve it, etc.) for 
the Feedback Thread.

Discussion Thread:
https://forum.dlang.org/post/ncoqnixvllbjsxdzbyxi forum.dlang.org

Feedback Thread:
https://forum.dlang.org/post/axgfyrxvndxdmffkxvhs forum.dlang.org

Please note that this proposal was written and submitted as a 
draft PR by Walter *prior* to the decision last year that the 
language maintainers must find someone else to author their DIP 
ideas. He had two DIPs in Draft Review at the time, and we agreed 
in a Foundation meeting that they both should be subject to the 
new rule. So they have been sitting in the queue waiting for 
someone to take them on.

Max Haughton was the first to express an interest in doing so. 
This DIP is now entirely his responsibility. He will decide if 
and how to revise it in response to feedback in the review 
process. He declined to make any changes to the DIP prior to 
launching this review round.

The other DIP by Walter in need of a champion is a fairly simple 
one, "Evaluate Pure Functions with CTFE". Anyone interested in 
taking control of it, please email me at aldacron gmail.com and 
we'll discuss it. You can find it at:

Mar 05