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digitalmars.D.announce - DIP 1007--"future symbol"--Has Been Accepted

reply Mike Parker <aldacron gmail.com> writes:
Congratulations to Mihails Strasuns, a.k.a. Dicebot, on the acceptance 
of his DIP 1007, '"future symbol" Compiler Concept'!


Although the proposal recommended that the feature be implemented only 
internally for DRuntime initially, Walter felt that isn't necessary. So 
once implemented, the feature will be available for immediate use. 
Thanks are due to Sociomantic, particularly Leandro Lucarella, who 
answered Walter's questions on Sociomantic's usage of the feature in 
their code base.

In other DIP news, I'm tentatively planning to merge DIP 1011 and begin 
its preliminary review in the coming week. This is going to be the 
"extern(delegate)" proposal from Jonathan Marler. I invite everyone to 
participate in the draft review on the PR over the next few days.


Another DIP in the queue in need of a draft review is Nicholas Wilson's 
proposal to allow changing the default attributes (like  system vs. 
 safe,  nogc vs. 'uses GC'). This DIP follows on from a recent 
discussion here in the forums. The sooner we can get feedback on the PR, 
the sooner I'll be ready to merge it and begin the review process.


Finally, I find that DIP 1010, Timon Gehr's "static foreach", received 
no external input in the draft review, and no feedback during the 
preliminary review -- the discussion thread is empty! Either it was 
completely ignored or it's so well put together that it warrants no 
criticism. I'm inclined to believe that it's the latter. With that in 
mind, I'm going to push it on to the formal review without the normal 
two-week window for feedback. I'll make the announcement on Monday, then 
if there is no feedback by Wednesday that warrants keeping it open, I'll 
submit it to Walter and Andrei for judgement. So please read the DIP if 
you haven't already and consider over the weekend if you have anything 
to say about it. If so, then you can post it in the thread I'll open on 

Jul 07 2017
parent Dukc <ajieskola gmail.com> writes:
On Saturday, 8 July 2017 at 02:20:02 UTC, Mike Parker wrote:
DIPs are being handled off from the queue again, that's great! Thank you from that.
Jul 08 2017