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digitalmars.D.announce - DDT 0.10.0 release - featuring DUB support.

reply Bruno Medeiros <bruno.do.medeiros+dng gmail.com> writes:
A new version of DDT - D Development tools is out:


The major new feature is DUB support (there are breaking changes, please 
read the changelog and updated User Guide sections for more info).

A lot of the UI has been cleaned up as well, removing inoperative 
functionality, changing the references to DLTK concepts (such as 
"interpreters" or "script"), etc.

PS: Thanks to Sönke for bringing DUB into an existence, this tool is 
awesome! (this could even be an understatement... a package management 
and build tool is crucial for D's success!)

Bruno Medeiros
Mar 14 2014
parent "Jay Norwood" <jayn prismnet.com> writes:
I ran into this Kepler bug trying to update.  The work-around is 
stated, which involves renaming your eclipse.exe. Worked for me.
Mar 14 2014