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digitalmars.D.announce - DConf Online 2021 Schedule Published

I've just updated the [DConf Online 2021 page][1] with the 
conference schedule. The details for the keynote talks will come 

Adam currently intends for his livecoding session to be a 
continuation of the project he started in last year's session. He 
may change his mind before then, though, and I'll update the page 
if he does.

Razvan Nitu will be joining Walter and Atila for the Ask Us 
Anything! session this year, so if you have any questions for him 
in his role as Pull Request & Issue Manager, or about [the D 
Summer School][2] he and Eduard Staniloiu are running at the 
university in Bucharest, that will be a great opportunity to ask 

I expect the DConf Online 2021 swag will be ready to go by the 
middle of next week. In the meantime, if you haven't picked up a 
BEERCONF! shirt yet, now's a good time to get one and have it 
before the next #Beerconf. You can currently get 15% off that and 
anything else you buy with the code SEASONSALE4U. [Purchasing 
through this link][3] will earn the Foundation a referral fee on 
top of the royalty we'll get from the sale.

[1]: https://dconf.org/2021/online/index.html
[2]: https://dlang.org/blog/2021/08/26/d-summer-school-v3/
[3]: https://www.zazzle.com/store/dlang_swag?rf=238129799288374326
Oct 08