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digitalmars.D.announce - DConf Online 2020 Videos Re-edited

reply Mike Parker <aldacron gmail.com> writes:
A couple of months back I started work on cutting down the DConf 
Online 2020 Q & A videos that I had uploaded to the D Language 
Foundation's YouTube channel. For the original uploads, I simply 
cut them out of the live stream, added a title and some fades, 
then uploaded with no edits.

A few months later I realized how silly that was thanks to a user 
comment. There was too much dead air and a good bit of irrelevant 
chatter. YouTube doesn't allow a video to be replaced once it's 
uploaded---each new upload gets a unique URL. So I was hoping to 
get them edited in place via YouTube's built-in editor, but after 
learning of a couple of longstanding bugs (one of which hit me), 
I abandoned that idea. The DLF took a vote and I got the 
greenlight to upload new videos and remove the old ones.

And so I began chipping away at the originals to cut them down 
and keep them focused on the actual Q & A bits. This has resulted 
in much shorter videos, close to 40 minutes shorter in a couple 
of cases.

Today I finally uploaded and published the last one. All of them 
are available via [the DConf Online 2020 Q & A playlist][1] (you 
can recognize them by the (v2.0) in their titles).

Aug 23 2021
parent reply Robert burner Schadek <rburners gmail.com> writes:
Awesome, properly tedious, work.

Thank you
Aug 24 2021
parent Robert burner Schadek <rburners gmail.com> writes:
properly -> probably
Aug 24 2021