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digitalmars.D.announce - DConf '23 Submission Deadline in Two Weeks - Early-Bird Registration

If you're considering submitting a talk for DConf '23, stop 
considering and get to submitting! The deadline is May 31, AOE. 
If your talk is accepted, you'll be eligible for reimbursement 
for travel and lodging (for the five nights of the conference), 
and you don't have to pay registration. It's a great way to have 
a trip to London.

Everything you need to know to put a submission together is here:

Also, the last day for early-bird registration is June 14, AOE. 
Take advantage of the 15% discount and don't miss the deadline!

Students have a permanent rate of $120. This is a great 
opportunity if you're in the UK or continental Europe, where you 
can find good deals on train fares and budget airlines. There are 
several hostels in range of the venue if you're looking for 
cheaper lodging than the budget hotels [we list on the 

DConf is about more than the talks. It's also about the 
face-to-face interactions you have with people you've only known 
online, and some you've never interacted with at all. Last year, 
we took steps to increase those opportunities by scheduling 
shorter talks than in past editions. The longer breaks were 
great, and we plan to keep that up. The value in face-to-face 
discussions is something you just can't get from the forums or 
the monthly BeerConf.

Several members of the community have built up and strengthened 
bonds at DConf over the years, and we're always interested in 
getting to know more community members better than we can online. 
And over the years, several attendees have walked away with new 

It's an experience you just don't forget, and you never know what 
opportunities might come of it.

See you in London!
May 14