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digitalmars.D.announce - DConf '23 Guest Keynote Speaker

Recently, I announced that some D Language Foundation members and 
associates took part in an organizational development program 
called IVY, courtesy of Ucora. We were coached through the 
program by Saeed Sabeti, Ucora's Director of Organizational 

Given the positive experience we had and the bond we established 
with Saeed, it was obvious to us that we should invite him to 
DConf '23 in London as our guest speaker. I'm happy to announce 
that he accepted!

I'll publish the abstract of his talk once the full schedule is 
ready to go, but right now I can say that he'll be talking about 
IVY in the context of the D community. It should be of general 
interest to everyone, but it should be especially relevant for 
future and current contributors.


We're accepting submissions until the last day of May. Remember, 
if your submission is accepted, you'll be eligible for 
reimbursement of your travel and lodging expenses. We're 
especially interested in hearing from first-time DConf speakers, 
so don't be shy! Check out the details here:


If you aren't submitting anything, June 14 AOE is the last day of 
early-bird registration. What are you waiting for?

May 06