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digitalmars.D.announce - DConf '22 Guest Keynote Details

I've just published the title and abstract of Roberto 
Ierusalimschy's Day 2 keynote at:


**Lua and Pallene**

Lua is a scripting language widely used in several fields, with 
strong niches in games and embedded systems. Pallene is a 
companion language for Lua, that is, a system language 
specifically designed to interoperate with Lua in a scripting 

The first part of this talk will present the main features of 
Lua, in particular those that set it apart from other scripting 
languages: portability, simplicity, and embeddability. The second 
part will discuss Pallene and the concept of a companion 
language, which brings together ideas from scripting, jit 
compilation, and gradual typing, focusing on a design that aims 
to bring more performance for Lua programs.
Jul 14