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digitalmars.D.announce - DConf '22 BeerConf Details (a big thanks to Funkwerk!)

I can finally announce that we've secured a space for the DConf 
'22 BeerConf!

If you've registered (or plan to register) for DConf '22, join us 
from 6:30 to 11:00 on the evenings of August 1-3 at The Fox Pub 
in Shoreditch. We've secured the roof terrace for our exclusive 
use. We'll have a tab going each evening that will cover drinks 
until it runs out.

This is all courtesy of Funkwerk, our BeerConf '22 sponsors. At 
least three Funkwerk employees will be attending DConf, so be 
sure to raise a glass in thanks when you see them at The Fox.

The pub is a short walk north of the venue, and very near two of 
the budget hotels on our list of accommodations. You can find a 
map with directions to the pub, plus links to maps with 
directions to the hotels, on the DConf homepage:


If you haven't yet registered for DConf, you can do so here:


You can learn more about The Fox here:

Jun 11