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digitalmars.D.announce - DAllegro and DAllegroGL alpha 1 released

DAllegro and DAllegroGL are D bindings for the Allegro and AllegroGL 
game libraries.

Allegro contains functions for 2D graphics, sound, keyboard, mouse, and 
joystick input, image loading, datafile management, etc.  AllegroGL is 
an add-on that lets you use Allegro in conjunction with openGL.

DAllegroGL uses the Derelict openGL bindings.  DAllegroGL is in the 
early stages of development, and I don't even know if it runs on linux 
or OS X.  It builds on linux using dmd at least, but other than that, 
it's mainly DMD on Windows so far.  The situation should improve once my 
internet connection gets fixed. :)

Check out the project page for more info and downloads:

More Allegro and AllegroGL info here:
Nov 25 2007