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digitalmars.D.announce - C++ Meetup DConf on Thursday, May 3rd (7pm)

We are very happy to announce another special event at this 
year's DConf.
For the first time, DConf will host a C++ Meetup.

On Thursday evening (7pm) (i.e. after all official talks and 
enough time to have dinner), the C++ folks will invade the DConf 
There will be a main talk by Sandro Andrade, a professor at the 
Bahia Federal Institute of Technology, about "Implementing 
MOF-based Modeling Languages with C++ and Qt", but the main idea 
of hosting the C++ Meetup is to fuse the C++ and D community and 
open interesting discussions between "frenemies".

You can find more details at the C++ Meetup page:

May 01 2018