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digitalmars.D.announce - Book announcements! Twp-d and Developing with compile time in mind

Hey everyone!


So back in February I started streaming on livecoding.tv. For 4-5 months 
I spent it writing The way to program - Let's think like a D(eveloper).
I had great turn out (especially since I started when it was in closed 
beta). Also got lots of people interested in D.
Anyway the book is focused upon teaching programming using the D 
programming language. It uses a teaching technique I refer to as 
reflective. Which is a much more effective at helping people understand 
a topic.

It has completed it's first iteration. The next iteration will add 
design patterns and much more exercises!

Oh and the book's content is free!


Currently I'm streaming making a new image library for the purpose of 
going in Phobos. It's also very helpful at testing the soon to be new 
color module.


My usual stream times that I at least aim for is 12pm UTC+0 Monday and 
Tuesday each week.


Developing with compile time in mind has gone through its second 
iteration. It's a little light on content unfortunately. Mostly because 
DNetDev is a little bit behind schedule.

I added a tutorial at request. But that is the biggest change.
If you have already bought it, you should be able to download it + the 
code zip file. Also you should have received an email from me about it.


Please destroy!
Jun 25 2015