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digitalmars.D.announce - BitHorde public beta released

BitHorde is a new content distribution system developed in D/Tango.

The main concept of BitHorde is one of a F2F-routing network with
caches in each node, caching popular content to increase availability
and throughput. BitHorde separates Content from Metadata, handling
only content, identified by hash, and doesn't care about metadata
(including filenames).

BitHorde features;
 * Efficent system-daemon. Doesn't use more RAM and CPU than necessary
and tries to stay out of your way.
 * FUSE-filesystem access to let any application immediately access content
 * Multiple checksum-generation to be able to identify assets from
multiple schemes (currently sha1, tree:tiger and ed2k).
 * ... More to come

BitHorde can have many possible practical applications including;
 * Optimized CDN solutions, for streaming delivery of heavy assets,
for example Video On Demand
 * File-Sharing
 * Keeping your home-media-collection partially available on the go.
Popular assets are stored in the cache on the laptop-harddrive, while
all content is available when internet connection is available.
 * Digital Asset distributions in Online Multiplayer games

Short demo video: http://vimeo.com/10676999 (Old version and poor
narration, sorry about that.)
Website: http://www.bithorde.org
Source code: http://github.com/rawler/bithorde
Ubuntu PPA for convenience: https://launchpad.net/~rawler/+archive/bithorde
Jabber Multiuser Conference: bithorde jabber.org

Note the version-number 0.1-beta1. The system is functional, but not
all planned features are available and your mileage may vary.

There's a demo-node on bithorde.org:1337, featuring the video Sintel.
After getting bithorde and bhfuse up and running, try checking out
"<videoplayer of choice> '<bhfuse
(Assumes an internet connection capable of 8mbit+ throughput to the
host located in Sweden, or you will have to pre-cache the asset.)

All testers, coders, documentation-gurus or otherwise interested is welcome.
/ Ulrik
Oct 06 2010