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digitalmars.D.announce - Berlin D Meetup September 2015

Hi All,

The next Berlin D Meetup will be happening at 19:30 on this 
Friday September the 18th at Berlin Co-Op (http://co-up.de/) on 
the fifth floor.

This time Jens Mueller will be giving a talk on "Code tuning with 
D". A short introduction is below:

"In this talk we optimize a very simple algorithm implemented in 
the D programming language. The concrete example is chosen such 
that we can leave algorithmic and data structure issues aside and 
focus our attention on language related features to improve our 
coding and our code. As a consequence our code improvements will 
be fairly low level and less portable. Also we provide 
scaffolding to test and measure the performance of our code.

During the presentation we follow an engineering cycle and 
design, implement, test, and measure our code iteratively until 
we are happy and exhausted. This also gives the audience the 
possibility to participate and improve the code beyond the 
proposed solution.

I am looking forward to you joining me for some D coding."

Details are also on the meetup page here: 

Sep 15 2015