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digitalmars.D.announce - Berlin D Meetup March 2015

reply "Ben Palmer" <benpnz gmail.com> writes:
Hi All,

The next Berlin D Meetup will be happening on Friday the 20th of 
March at 19:30. The venue will be Berlin Co-Op (http://co-up.de/) 
on the 3rd floor. Martin Nowak will be doing a presentation on 
recent improvements in the garbage collector. After the 
presentation we will have time for questions/discussions/drinks.

Details are also on the meetup page here: 

Mar 16 2015
parent "Dicebot" <public dicebot.lv> writes:
Quick report : it has happened and it was pretty intense :) 
Martin Nowak has given a great talk explaining D garbage 
collector and recent improvements to it. I presume some of that 
material will be present in his DConf talk too - looking forward 
to hearing it again. Getting everything right straight after the 
work day wasn't easy :)
Mar 25 2015