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digitalmars.D.announce - Berlin D Meetup February 2017

Hi All,

The Berlin February D meetup is happening this Friday (17th) at 
19:30 at Berlin Co-Op (http://co-up.de/) on the fifth floor.

Mihails Strasuns will be presenting a talk on "Testing D projects 
with GitLab CI and Docker" and a brief introductions is below.

"Hobby projects often struggle to maintain quality of 
implementation that would make them interesting for anyone other 
than original author. Tiny investment in that topic can make a 
big difference in attracting external contributors. And with free 
tooling and services available today it is hard to find an excuse 
to not do extensive CI control even for smallest projects.

The talk will highlight using GitLab for project hosting and 
making use of accompanying CI service provided as part of it for 
free - using existing D ecosystem as an example. After that 
everyone is encourages to come up with their own pet projects to 
do a small hackathon on improving CI state of those (not limited 
to GitLab CI)."

More details are available on the meetup page here: 

Feb 13 2017