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digitalmars.D.announce - Berlin D Meetup August 2015

Hi All,

The next Berlin D Meetup will be happening at 19:30 on Friday 
August the 21st at Berlin Co-Op (http://co-up.de/) on the fifth 

This time promises to be interesting with Mihails Strasuns 
talking about "Rethinking OOP with mixins". A short abstract is 

"For quite a long time OOP (Object Orientated Programming) has 
been considered 'the way' for designing robust libraries with 
heavy code re-usage. However, this often clashes with the basic 
idea of representing meaningful object hierarchies - sometimes 
causing developers to completely abandon such an approach. 
However, D template mixins make it possible to stick with the OOP 
fundamental while considerably increasing versatility of 
resulting code. This talk will explain some techniques necessary 
for such designs and benefits it may provide."

Details are also on the meetup page here: 

Aug 13 2015