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digitalmars.D.announce - Berlin D Meetup April 2015

reply "Ben Palmer" <benpnz gmail.com> writes:
Hi All,

The next Berlin D Meetup will be happening as always on the third 
Friday of the month, April the 17th at 19:30. The venue will be 
Berlin Co-Op (http://co-up.de/)
on the 3rd floor. Mihails Strasuns will be doing a presentation 
titled "Highway to D2". After the presentation we will have time 
for questions/discussions/drinks.

Details are also on the meetup page here:

Apr 07 2015
parent "Dicebot" <public dicebot.lv> writes:
This will be an early preview of some stuff prepared for my DConf 
talk. See you in Berlin!

Also slides from previous talk by Martin Nowak are public now : 
Apr 08 2015